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Student Leadership Opportunities
PAFP Student Assembly
Medical students are represented by officers on the PAFP Student Assembly, which holds a yearly meeting. All resident members are welcome to participate in the meeting and to vote on officers and debate resolutions.

The next Student Assembly is scheduled for Monday, April 10, 2017 at 8:00pm via Web conference call. You can connect from your desktop, laptop & cell phone! Please register to participate by emailing Molly Talley.

Student Positions within the PAFP

A student representative serves on the PAFP Board of Directors and residents serve on committees. Student Delegate & Alternate Delegate work with the Chair and Vice Chair to represent Pa at the National Congress of Medical Students at AAFPNC. The PAFP supports students’ participation in leadership positions by reimbursing travel expenses for business meetings.

PAFP Business is open for broader student involvement thanks to the PAFP Connect mobile app and PAFP Community housed within this app. Simply log in (you'll need your AAFP/PAFP member ID) and join groups that speak to your interests - you don't have to be a member of a committee to get involved in these conversations!

If you'd like to run for a position, simply join in for the Assembly call (each April) and volunteer your interest. We'll take nominations, then allow each candidate a few minutes to tell the Assembly about themselves - any experience or interests relevant to the position, why you're interested and what you hope to accomplish. The students assembled then vote on the candidates to fill each position. You can read descriptions of the committees here.

The Assembly elects the Chair from nominees. There may be experienced candidates who served in another position, as Vice-Chair, Delegate, or Commission Representative, though this is not a prerequisite. In addition to planning and running Assembly meetings, the Chair represents the Student Assembly on the PA Academy Board of Directors, Governance & Leadership Committee, and as members of the PAFPPAC Board. The Chair attends the National Conference and collaborates with the Delegates in the National Congress of Medical Students business sessions.

The Vice-Chair assists the Chair with Student Assembly meetings. The Vice-Chair attends the Board of Directors' meetings and sits on the Governance & Leadership Committee and the PAFPPAC Board. The Vice-Chair becomes familiar with resolution writing and attends the National Conference as a member of the delegation to the National Congress of Medical Students. The Vice-Chair represents the Chair if the Chair is unable to attend a meeting.

Delegates (1 Delegate, 1 Alternate)
The Delegate and Alternate Delegate voice the concerns of students at the PAFP Annual Meeting, within the Resident & Student Affairs Committee and at the AAFP National Conference in the National Congress of Medical Students. They compose resolutions to address those concerns. They assist the Chair in planning the Assembly meeting.

Government and Practice Advocacy Committee (2 resident reps)
This committee governs all public policy activities of the PAFP. This includes analysis of pending legislation and regulations affecting family physicians and their patients. Student members not only contribute to the GPAC meetings, but also share information with other student members.

Resident and Student Affairs Committee (2 RSAC student reps, Delegate & Alternate Delegate)
RSAC works on development of initiatives & events designed to support student interest in FM and support residents in training in Pennsylvania. Other commission functions: (1) Maintain active liaison with FMIGs in the medical schools in Pennsylvania; (2) Maintain liaison with the family medicine residency programs in Pennsylvania; (3) Maintain liaison with the Pennsylvania Assembly of Family Physicians Student members; (4) Maintain liaison with the Pennsylvania Assembly of Medical Student members.

Governance & Leadership Committee
Student Assembly Chair & Vice Chair serve on this committee.

Resolution Writing
At the meeting, the Student Assembly debates resolutions from student members of the PAFP. Any member can propose or submit a resolution for consideration of the Assembly or of the PAFP House of Delegates. This mirrors the resolution process that occurs at the National Conference. If passed by a majority vote of the Student Assembly, a resolution proceeds to (1) the PAFP Board of Directors, (2) a PAFP Commission, and/or (3) the AAFP National Congress of Student Members. What's involved in writing a resolution? Check out this great AAFP guide to learn more.

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