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November 2016
News Archive

ACA critic tapped for health secretary Nov. 30, 2016
Georgia Rep. Tom Price is President-elect Donald Trump's choice for Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary. NPR reports Price, an orthopedic surgeon, is a leading advocate for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA); his health care proposal offers fixed tax credits for buying insurance. 
Pa. moves up in national mental health rankings Nov. 29, 2016
Pennsylvania has moved up six spots to number nine in the latest annual rankings of mental health care nationwide. According to PhillyVoice, Mental Health America determines rankings based on each state's prevalence of mental illness and whether it has effective systems in place to provide its residents treatment. 
No immediate changes expected to Obamacare coverage Nov. 28, 2016
President-elect Donald Trump says he plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, but people with coverage under the law shouldn't expect changes any time soon. Kaiser Health News reports consumers should still get insured, as it's unclear how the law will be changed or how long it will take. 
Be safe, healthy over Thanksgiving weekend Nov. 23, 2016
Thanksgiving means travel, cooking, and plenty of eating! To stay safe and healthy this holiday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has tips for avoiding food-borne illness; the American Red Cross has travel safety tips; and the National Fire Protection Association says keep fire safety at the top of your mind. 
House speaker has Obamacare replacement blueprint Nov. 22, 2016
If the Trump administration undertakes a full repeal of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, House Speaker Paul Ryan has the blueprint for a replacement plan. According to NPR, the outline doesn't force consumers to purchase insurance, letting insurers compete for business; some call it "Obamacare light." 
Catch up on news, information after Kalahari Nov. 21, 2016
The PAFP had a busy weekend at the Kalahari CME Conference! You can revisit the action on Facebook and Twitter. Now that a new week has begun, the PAFP is bringing you the most important health care news across its media channels, including on our app PAFP Connect. Dive into the media cycle with us! 
PAFP Kalahari CME Conference begins Nov. 18, 2016
If you're joining us this weekend for the PAFP Kalahari CME Conference, welcome! We hope you're enjoying yourself so far. Don't forget to check out the full agenda - in addition to excellent CME sessions, we've got some special events coming up, including a PAFP-PAC fundraiser and a scavenger hunt! 
What were the biggest health care news stories of 2016? Nov. 17, 2016
From the Affordable Care Act and Zika to medical marijuana and the opioid abuse epidemic, the news in 2016 was packed with stories significant to health care and family medicine. Which issues made the biggest impact on your practice and patients? Take the PAFP's Health Care in the Media 2016 survey now! 
Patients with a medical home likelier to take meds Nov. 16, 2016
People with chronic conditions may be likelier to take their medications if they have a medical home. Reuters reports data not only suggests that a patient-centered medical home improves care and reduces costs overall, but more patients who are cared for at medical homes are fully adherent to medications. 
Retail health clinics don't lessen ER visits Nov. 15, 2016
Despite experts' predictions, retail health clinics have not led to fewer visits to emergency rooms. Medscape reports some hoped that such clinics would be an attractive option for patients with minor conditions, but Americans are still opting for far more expensive visits to their local hospitals' emergency departments. 
New administration may keep parts of ACA Nov. 14, 2016
"Repeal and replace" was long the GOP mantra regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but President-elect Donald Trump has signaled parts of the law may stand. According to The New York Times, Trump said he thinks people with pre-existing conditions should still be covered, and that people will not lose coverage. 
Americans are heading to the polls today - will you? Nov. 8, 2016
Will this year be different for doctors at the polls? As MD Magazine revisits the trend of doctors not voting, America's more-than one million licensed physicians have a tremendously important voice. Your patients deserve to see an "I Voted" sticker on your white coat - lead by example and vote proudly today! 
First-year doctors could soon work 24-hour shifts Nov. 7, 2016
The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) is recommending first-year doctors in hospitals be allowed to work 24-hour shifts. The Washington Post reports while some say sleep-deprived physicians are dangerous to patients and themselves, others say long shifts improve care coordination. 
Today is last day to register for Kalahari CME Conference Nov. 4, 2016
If you haven't yet registered for the PAFP's Kalahari CME Conference, Nov. 18-20, 2016, you still have a few hours! Registration will close today at 5 p.m. You won't want to miss this incredible event, with educational offerings on topics like physician burnout and opioid prescribing, plus plenty of additional fun! 
Gov. Wolf signs bills to curb opioid epidemic Nov. 3, 2016
On Wednesday, Nov. 2, Gov. Tom Wolf signed into law a package of bills to combat Pennsylvania's opioid epidemic. According to, among other restrictions and provisions, the bills require physicians to check the state's new prescription drug monitoring database every time they prescribe an opioid. 
Patients are giving ACA exchanges mixed reviews Nov. 2, 2016
The Affordable Care Act's (ACA) exchanges opened their doors yesterday for enrollment, but not all patients are happy with what they've found. NPR reports while some customers are seeing increased subsidies, others face huge rate hikes - so big that they may end up skipping insurance all together. 
Doctors are less likely than others to vote Nov. 1, 2016
Whether it's from burnout or lack of engagement, doctors are some of the least likely to vote. In fact, reports TIME, doctors vote 9 percent less than the general population, though they're among the most educated Americans. In one week, on Nov. 8, America needs its family physicians in voting booths. Please vote!
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